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I have 2 sections, separated by a jQuery TAB. In my first tab I have a jqGrid with frozen columns and so far it works. However, in my second tab i have another jQgrid with frozen columns that doesn't work.

When I remove the code that converts <div> into tabs, both tables are displayed within the same page and are working properly with their respective frozen columns.

I think the problem is within the tab itself, but I just can't find a way to solve this.

<script type=\"text/javascript\">

    jQuery( \"#tabs\" ).tabs({});
tableToGrid('#super_summ', {
                    caption: \"Performance Summary By Supervisor\",    
                    shrinkToFit: false,
                    width: '850',
                    height: '180',
                    hidegrid: false,
                    rowNum: 150,
                    colNames :['Sor','Staime','A T',
                                'NR','C And','Callsd',
                                'T Planned','Tickets Cld','A','S','T',
                                'TA2','Total','TO KP','KP'],
                    colModel: [
                        {name: 'Su', width: '120px',align:'center',frozen:true},
                        {name: 'St', width: '120px', align:'center'},
                        {name: 'AvT', width: '120px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'N', width: '120px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'Ca', width: '120px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'Caled', width: '120px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'Td', width: '120px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'Ti', width: '120px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'C', width: '90px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'S', width: '90px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'T1', width: '90px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'T2', width: '90px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'Tot', width: '90px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'TOK', width: '90px',align:'center'},
                        {name: 'KP', width: '90px',align:'center'}
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Are you loading the jqGrid first and then the tabs? You should make the call to the grid function before you make the call to the tab function. The grid should render completely, then the tabs. –  Jay Blanchard Nov 14 '12 at 16:50
I created the tabs first and then the jqGrids –  David Elizalde Nov 14 '12 at 16:51
Can you show your code? –  Jay Blanchard Nov 14 '12 at 16:51
Can you type in an example of what you've done? It is hard to help without seeing the code. –  Jay Blanchard Nov 14 '12 at 17:00
Now it works! Thank you so much! I appreciate your help. –  David Elizalde Nov 14 '12 at 17:43

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Changed the order in which things are drawn, first the grids, then the tabs next.

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