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I'd like to provide a user experience where a SignalR connection is available across multiple pages in my ASP.NET MVC application.

If I include SignalR startup code (JS) in my _Layout.cshtml, will that be perceived by the server as a "fresh" client connection every time the user navigates to a different page? Or will SignalR support this kind of behavior out of the box?

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Each page is represented as a "Client" so therefore you will have a unique connection per page (no way around that). Alternatives to this issue are:

  1. Dynamically load pages and display them on current page. Essentially only having one physical page.
  2. Save user state in a cookie or session and when you start a new connection fill it with your saved state. Be wary of security issues with this approach.

Hope this helps!

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Regarding your option #1 - sounds like a Single-Page Application would handle this very nicely! – blaster Nov 14 '12 at 21:28

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