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I am new in this area. Wi-Fi, what is it? What do you need to have when you have Wi-Fi. Can you have a desktop computer PC4 windows 7, not a laptop? Should you have a USB stick as well? Would be happy if someone could Help me L8is1 57old

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Wi-Fi is a way for your computer to connect to the internet, or to other computers in the area, without being connected to them by cables; it's also known as "wireless networking".

To do it, your computer needs to have a wireless/wi-fi modem and there needs to be something for you to connect to - the Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop, maybe, or one set up in your own house (talk to your internet provider/cable company about that - they can set one up for you, by installing a "wireless router" in your home).

Desktop computers often don't have Wi-Fi capability; since they sit on a desk it's just as easy to connect them to the internet with a good old-fashioned cable. Tablets and laptops, which people like to move around, are much more likely to have Wi-Fi installed.

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WiFi means "wireless fidelity". Or in other words, a wireless connection to the Internet. Firstly, if you are looking to use it on a PC, you would need an external USB 'dongle' as you said. This would have to be the same make as your router, the device that gives out an Internet connection. WiFi is available on any operating system, so windows 7 would not have to be required. -sorry, I didn't quite understand the question.

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