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I am using Prism's NavigationAsyncExtensions method RequestNavigate on an IRegion:

// Attempt to navigate to the given view
    throw new MissingViewException(viewName);

I can pass a registered view name and get successful navigation. But when I pass an unregistered view name, I get an unhandled exception message on RequestNavigate. I expect for it to fail (I want to be able to catch the failure and throw a custom exception), but I can't catch the exception for some unknown reason:

enter image description here

I have tried a couple of alternatives:

  1. Catch an ActivationException first.
  2. Use RequestNavigate and pass a navigationCallback.
  3. Use RequestNavigate and pass a navigationCallback (without a try-catch block).

None of the alternatives have worked. Does anyone have any ideas / suggestions? Thanks in advance! My gut is telling me that it is some type of threading issue, due to the extension method being asynchronous. But I figured the navigationCallback would take care of this and the result is sadly the same.

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