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I have an ASP.NET application in VB.NET. I have a Javascript function in mypage.aspx and another one in my callback.aspx page. I need this scripts to render and submit an IFrame on mypage.aspx.

When I click on the submit button:

<asp:Button ID="subbtn" Name="Submit" OnClientClick="onsubmit_action();" runat="server" />

this script is executed, where iframeId is the id of the IFrame:

function onsubmit_action() {


The response of the IFrame (validation or success) is submitted to the callback.aspx file. I guess this happens through cross-site scripting that calls the callback function in the callback.aspx file;

function callback()

that calls the function in mypage.aspx

function pagecallback_success(ref_id) {
        var Url = "mypage.aspx?";
        Url += "id=" + id;
        window.location.href = Url;

The script works as expected. Now, I would like to call a server function

Protected Function Store(ByVal id As String) As Boolean

in mypage.aspx.vb and pass the variable id:

function hostedpagecallback_success(id) {
            var Url = "mypage.aspx?";
            Url += "id=" + id;
            window.location.href = Url;
            "<%= Store(id) %>"

The problem is that the compiler considers id as a server side function and gives a compile error. However if I use a sub (without parameters) instead of a function, the sub is executed 3 times, on page_load, when the IFrame is received and another time (connection is https cannot debug Javascript efficiently).

I am not good in cross-site scripting and code nuggets, probably it is really trivial but I do not know how to solve this problem. Anybody?

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I think you are looking for page methods a feature of MS-Ajax. Put the [WebMethod] on the method you want to call (server side) and call it client side with something like PageMethods.GetData(f, s, OnRequestComplete, OnRequestError);

The whole pattern takes an article to describe. http://www.dotnetfunda.com/articles/article454-using-pagemethods-and-json-in-aspnet-ajax.aspx

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