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For my rails 3 application I'm using simple_form and devise. As I need to customize devise views I ran

rails generate devise:views

the forms generated in the views are of course simple_form forms.

This breaks i18n functionality because simple_form looks for translations using simple_form keys instead of devise keys. For example:

I18N keys: [:it, :simple_form, :placeholders, :user, :edit, :email]
I18N keys: [:it, :simple_form, :placeholders, :user, :email]
I18N keys: [:it, :simple_form, :placeholders, :defaults, :edit, :email]
I18N keys: [:it, :simple_form, :placeholders, :defaults, :email]
I18N keys: [:it, :simple_form, :labels, :user, :edit, :email]
I18N keys: [:it, :simple_form, :labels, :user, :email]
I18N keys: [:it, :simple_form, :labels, :defaults, :edit, :email]

I'd like to disable simple_form while generating devise views so that I can get advantage of preformatted advise locales (

how can you do that? thanks

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Regenerate your views with Devise I18n views : .

This should sort out the paths to your translations.

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thanks for your help. That gem could be really useful if you need a full translation of the devise views but it doesn't work. I mean adding that gem doesn't affect devise behavior while generating the views. rails g devise:views still creates the devise views instead of the devise-i18n-views ones: without translations and still with simple_form. I had to manually copied them directly from the gem. Did I miss something? – masciugo Nov 15 '12 at 12:34

I realized that devise support i18n but only for flash messages. Simple_form also support i18n but for label, hints and placeholders

The two sets of translations are disjointed and doesn't affect each other as I suspected in my question. So no problem to use simple_form with devise

Lastly, a third set of translations comes with the gem mentioned by tigrish. They concern the phrases and words appearing in the views. As I stated above I'd like to use it with simple_form as well but I couldn't even try it as I explained commenting on tigrish's answer.

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