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I have been working on a module in which I am using the XML Field module as follows.

I have created one entity type with a field which is of type xml.

I have set this field to accept multiple values. For example, my entity looks like the following.

Entity (item description, body, Metadata(this is xml field with multiple value))
with data --> Item1 ('This is item 1', 'this is body', (


       <title>metadata item 1</title>
       <description>this is item 1</description>



       <title>metadata item 2</title>
       <description>this is item 2</description>


Now under field Metatdata I cannot see title for each XML data node.

As per module title has to be displayed using hook_node_view_alter(), but as I have started module development recently, I am not able implement this hook.

desire output of Metadata is:


metadata item 1:  (<--- how to display these titles??)

This is item 1

metadata item 2: (<--- how to display these titles??)

This is item 2
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