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I'am actually developing an application on Android and I'am using the libraries of OpenCV 2.4.2. I'am trying to merge two images in a single one: In fact, I have two images of the same size but under different illumination value (One is brighter than the other) I'am trying to do a transformation of this two images in a way that : for exemple: 0.4*image1 + 0.6*image2 wich will give a combination of the two images in a single one(wich will have approximately a medium illumination value in this case ). How Can I do this using openCV 2.4.2 on android? I 'am actually getting A MAT matrix from the two images : Mat image1 = Highgui.imread(imgFile1.getAbsolutePath()); Mat image2 = Highgui.imread(imgFile2.getAbsolutePath());

The problem here is that I can not multiply the MAT matrix by a scalar value in a way that let me do such an operation(image3= a*image1 +b*image2 ) and after converting it(image3) into a bitmap and show it ! Is there another method to do that? Or do someone have a solution to that?

Thank you :)

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You are looking for addWeighted function.

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Yes thak you, that's it :D –  3arbouch Nov 14 '12 at 23:19

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