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I have two scripts written by my co-workers for auto-filling a form with information from the facebook graph-api. I am trying to figure out which has been coded in a more efficient style?

This is the first one. http://jsfiddle.net/TcGGZ/30/

    $.getJSON('http://graph.facebook.com/'+$('#facebook').val(), function(fd) {

This is the second one I am trying to decide about. http://jsfiddle.net/VuY2b/46/

var facebook_account = '';

function fillForm() {
    facebook_account = $('#facebook').val();

    $.getJSON('http://graph.facebook.com/' + facebook_account, function(data) {
        var facebook_data = data;
        var inputs = $('form > input');
        for (var key in facebook_data) {
            for (var l = 0; l < inputs.length; l++) {
                if (inputs[l].getAttribute('name') === key) {
                    inputs[l].value = facebook_data[key];


var x = document.getElementById('account_get');
x.addEventListener("click", fillForm, false);​
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1 Answer

1st one is simple , 2nd one is complex.

According to me 2nd method is efficient because,If your websites form attributes are varying,second one checks for the correct matching attribues and fills it correctly.So i prefer 2nd.

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