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I have the following in my template code:

{% crispy form.meters_formset form.meters_formset.form.helper %}

This renders a formset that is an instance variable of my form. This is how I handle forms with embedded formsets.

In the helper for the formset's form (form.meters_formset.form.helper), I have an HTML element in the layout in which I would like to access the instance attached to that formset form. How would I do this? Crispy forms must be doing a for loop to loop through the formset's forms, but what template variable is it using?

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I worked around this problem by replacing

{% crispy form.meters_formset form.meters_formset.form.helper %}


{% for subform in form.meters_formset %}
{% crispy subform %}
{% endfor %}

and accessing the instance with {{ subform.instance }}.

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