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I'm trying to test the order process in a request spec by filling out the purchase form:

describe "CC order" do
  before do
    visit order_path "product"
    fill_in "full_name", with: "test name"
    fill_in "email", with: "test@email.com"
    fill_in "card_number", with: "4242424242424242"
    fill_in "card_cvc", with: "123"
    # etc...

    click_on "complete-button"

  it "should display confirmation message" do
    page.should have_content "Thanks for your order!"

A new User and Order should be saved after the purchase form is submitted and does so correctly in development. However, my test fails because instead of processing the order it tells me that the database is locked:

Database locked

I do have transactional fixtures turned on and some of my other tests use them. Is there another way I should be testing my order process?

EDIT: It seems like it open happens when I use page in the it block. If I just make the test block empty, everything works fine.

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The one time this happened to me it turned out I was running the same test suite in another terminal session. Oops. – zetetic Nov 14 '12 at 19:38
That doesn't seem to be it - ps | grep ruby doesn't show anything else either. Strange. – Eric Yang Nov 14 '12 at 19:49
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I was running out of ideas so I switched from sqlite to postgresql in development + test. That fixed the problem.

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