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I have an ASP.NET 1.1 app that does not work in IE10. When I try to navigate anywhere, I get a blank screen. The html of the blank screen looks like this:

<asp_smartnav_rdir url="/MyWebFormName.aspx"/>

I have seen the fixes for what sounds like a similar issue for .NET 2 through 4, but there is no App_Browsers folder in .NET 1.1.

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The workaround that I settled on for this issue is to simply disable smart navigation. I wasn't using those features anyway. I'm not sure why it's broken in IE10 and not other browsers, but I can live without it.

I disabled it by setting smartNavigation="False" in the @Page directive of my aspx pages. It can also be programmatically set in the aspx.cs file by overriding the OnInit method and setting this.SmartNavigation = false.

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