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I haven't been able to find whether a table exists in my DB. I open/create it with JS like this:

DEMODB = openDatabase(shortName, version, displayName, maxSize);

and then:

DEMODB.transaction(function(tx) {
   tx.executeSql("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table' and name='MyTable'", [],
      function(tx, result) {
         cont = result.rows.length;
      function(tx, error){
         // error occured

cont always has 1 (if the function is executed). I also tried this:

pragma table_info('abreviations'

but I get error "missing authorization".

What am I missing?

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You get one record back because even if the table is missing, the count of such tables exists (but is zero).

Check whether the value you get back is zero or one.

Alternatively, just try to read from the table and handle the error.

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