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I am taking a list of names and putting the last name first. When I use explode to create the $name array, the first name has the first name in array position 0 and the last name at position 1, but the other names all start with first name at position 1 and last name at position 2.

I copied this code from another script that does similar things, but in that code all of the first names, including the first instance, start at number 1 (at least its consistent).

I'm guessing I'm missing something fundamental. I appreciate your assistance.

The code follows.

$_511a = 'Maria Smith, Lance Farquardt, Daniel Berquist, John Barton, Milo Silver';
echo '511a: ' . $_511a . '<br />';
$castsplit = explode(',' , $_511a);
foreach($castsplit as $cast) {
    $name = explode(' ',$cast);
    $lastname = end($name);
    if(count($name) >= 4){
        $middlename = $name[2];
    } else {
        $middlename = null;   
    $firstname = $name[1];
        $castmembers[] = $lastname . ', ' . $firstname .  ' ' . $middlename;
    } else {
        $castmembers[] = $lastname . ', ' . $firstname;
echo "Corrected names: <br />";
foreach($castmembers as $castmember) {
    echo $castmember . '<br />';
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You have spaces in between the string '$_511a' so explode function must have a space also. so the index of $name will also be changed because now we have the first element on 0 index.

change code

$castsplit = explode(',' , $_511a);


$castsplit = explode(', ' , $_511a);


$firstname = $name[1];


$firstname = $name[0];
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After the first name in the list all the names are preceded by a space. explode() counts that space, putting a blank string in the 0 index in the resulting array.


$name = explode(' ',$cast);


$name = explode(' ',ltrim($cast));
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Thanks, I see that I wasn't accounting for the space in my initial "explode" and that explains why the first one appeared OK, and the subsequent ones were off. I knew I was missing something. – mattrweaver Nov 14 '12 at 18:42

The problem is a space after a comma between names. Either use exclusively "," or ", " as a separator, or use regular expression to split the string.

$castsplit = preg_split('/,\s*/', $_511a);

The above will accept all separators alike to this: <comma><zero or more spaces>.

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I suggest /,\s*/, to allow multiple spaces as well. – Barmar Nov 14 '12 at 18:35
@Barmar Yeah, that would be even better. Updated! – wassup Nov 14 '12 at 18:44

try maybe:

$castsplit = explode(", ", $_511a);

//your variable name cast is ambiguous.  I changed it
foreach($castsplit as $member) {
  $nameArr = explode(' ', $member);
  $first = $nameArr[0];
  $last = end($nameArr);
  str_replace($first, $last, $member, 1);
  str_replace($last, $first, $member, 1);

  echo $member;

notice the space after the comma in the first explode

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