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I am trying to rebuild a git repo from an existing clone using the steps below:

git init --bare project.git
git remote add project project.git
git push --all project

I noticed that this does not push all the branches. It only pushes the master branch.

I do not want to repeat this process for every branch. Is there a single command to accomplish this?


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You either have the .git directory or not, if not you have lost all the other branches, if you have it you don't need to init again. –  Ali Nov 14 '12 at 18:25

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You can clone with the --mirror option the other way. Then just copy the repo. If you need to push all of them and they are not set up for tracking you can:

git checkout HEAD

become headless so you don't have the asterix in the branch output.

git branch | xargs git push origin

use xargs to put each branch as an argument to git push origin. Optionally add -u to set up tracking so next time you can just git push to sync up.

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