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I need to monitor average network bytes sent/received per second over a period of time from command line, but only for network traffic sent/received by a certain process or port.

I am currently able to monitor all network traffic using:

logman create counter -n CounterName -c "\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Total/sec" -f csv -o C:\output.log -si 1

which gives me a CSV of network total bytes/sec at 1 second intervals which I can then parse and determine an average, but I need to be able to monitor traffic only sent/received on a single port or by a single process (port would be better)

I've done a good amount of googling and can't find anything built in to Windows to do this. (I've looked at netstat also). I am open to any free third party tools that can do this, they just need to be able to be run from command line and produce some kind of log.

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If you want to implement something yourself, you can write a Upper-Layer Windows Filter driver:

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Hmm, interesting but I need something that can run on any version of Windows without any software/driver installation. I'm doing automated QA testing and I have MANY different Windows VMs that I need to be able to do this on without going to each one and installing a driver and taking a new snapshot. Also I wouldn't know where to begin writing my own driver, but I kind of want to find out just out of curiosity/ – mclaassen Nov 14 '12 at 20:40

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