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mob/verb/test(N as num)

What language is this code from?

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That looks to be the 'Dream Maker' programming language from BYOND, a gaming service: It uses a piece of software, also known as Dream Maker, to create its games.

Specifically, the 'mob/verb' in this example refers to creating a verb for a mob (an abbreviation for creature/NPC in games), and calling it test.

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(+1) I googled for those words and found which contains the exact statement from the Q. :-) The page has "Dream Maker 4.0" as title... – Wim ten Brink Sep 20 '09 at 16:28

DM language - link

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It could be C#: "mob" divided by "verb" divided by the result of calling the function "test" with the parameter being "N" cast as a "num".

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