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I have a query like this that joins two entities together:

IEnumerable<ICD.ViewModels.HomeSearchViewModel> query =
                                           a => a.AlphaGroupID,
                                           g => g.AlphaGroupID,
                                           (alphaGroups, alphas) =>
                                           new ICD.ViewModels.HomeSearchViewModel
                                               AlphaGroups =
                                               Alphas = alphas,
                                               SearchTerm = searchTerm
                                           }).OrderBy(x => x.AlphaGroups.Title);

I need to join the Alphas entity with another Entity called "Codes". Is it possible to do this in a single query, or should I break this out into 2 separate queries?

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A standard entity framework query would look more like:

var query =
  from a in dbContext.Alphas
  from g in a.AlphaGroups
  from c in a.Codes
  select new {Alpha = a, AlphaGroup = g, Code = c}

Or perhaps:

var query =

Why does your query look so bad?

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My query is bad and I should feel bad? – user547794 Nov 14 '12 at 20:55
Don't feel bad. Do be open to more ways to bring in additional tables. The question doesn't make it the relationships clear enough between the tables to choose between those ways. I can't recommend GroupJoin based on the information presented. – David B Nov 14 '12 at 21:16

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