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I am utilizing the Rally 2.0p4 API and attempting to aggregate the data to get a list of iterations with sums of the story points per iteration. The only way I have found at present to do this is just query the HierarchicalRequirement model and loop all the data and populate it to an array. This seems less then ideal, is there not a way to just get back totals from the call from the server.

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If you are wanting this data summarized by Iteration and/or Release, check out the:

  • IterationCumulativeFlowData
  • ReleaseCumulativeFlowData

Objects in the Webservices API documentation:

These objects will provide a daily summary of:

CardCount (# Stories/Defects) TaskEstimateTotal CardEstimateTotal CardToDoTotal

By State, within each Iteration or Release as specified by OID.

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In case anyone else comes looking, this is one way that api call can appear:,CardToDoTotal,CardEstimateTotal,IterationObjectID

That call syntax is delicate (requires a space before the closing paren on 'query', for example).

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