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I have a collection and want to get a set of results that met a set of conditions. I understand the Mongo doesn't let you use joins so I would need to run separate queries and join the results into a single response.

But is it possible to join the results of separate queries together to get the intended output.

Are there any basic examples I could see query results joined together.


For example could I join these two queries so I get the results of both queries:

coll.find({"coordinates.type" : "Point"},{"coordinates" :1}, tailable = True, timeout = False)


coll.find({"place.bounding_box.type" : "Polygon"},{"place.bounding_box.coordinates" : 1}, tailable = True, timeout = False)
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What kind of examples do you want to see? Each code is different and application specific. Better tell people what you have you in your app for getting specific help. – Andreas Jung Nov 14 '12 at 19:40
I've edited question with more specifics – user94628 Nov 14 '12 at 19:48
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In your specific example, you do not need to run those queries separately. You can join the results like so:

  { $or : [ 
      { "coordinates.type" : "Point" }, 
      { "place.bounding_box.type" : "Polygon" } 
  {"coordinates" :1, "place.bounding_box.coordinates" : 1}

You can also use $and / $elementMatch instead of an $or

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