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I originally had paperclip's default configuration contain

:url => "/some_path/:basename.:extension"

However, no all the files I'm uploading have extensions, and in those cases, I don't want the "." (between basename and extension in the configuration) to be there. So I'd like to do something like this:

:url => lambda { |i| "/some_path/:basename#{".:extension" if i.extension}" }

I tried that and got a "can't convert Proc into String" error, which tells me that paperclip doesn't support dynamic configuration of urls the way it does for styles and processors. Any ideas for how else I could do this, the less hack-ish the better?

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The short answer is that you replace




The more detailed answer is that basename, filename and extension are all interpolations, and you can use any interpolations defined in 'paperclip/interpolations' (in paperclip's lib directory) or define your own.

For example:

Paperclip.interpolates(:temperature) do |attachment, style|

assuming, of course, that the model that has_attached_file also belongs_to :city and that your city object knows today's temperature.

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