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I'm programming in vim and I'm having one little problem. My vim is multiple times splitted in both vertical and horizontal directions, and I want to activate word-wrap like set wrap when i switch from one window to another with ctrl-w/W, also i want to unwrap like set nowrap on focused one. I have no idea how to do this and I was never good at writing scripts for vim. Any ideas ?

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I'm not sure of what you want to archieve, but maybe you could add

autocmd WinEnter * set nowrap
autocmd WinLeave * set wrap

to your .vimrc. This will trigger a set nowrap on a window you enter and a set wrap on a window you leave. From the tests I ran, WinEnter and WinLeave are triggered when you switch between several split windows.

Alternatively, you can replace the * by a *.txt if you just want these command to be issued only on buffers containing a txt file for instance.

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Vim is simplier than I thought, also amazingly powerful. Thanks for answer. – Zaffy Nov 14 '12 at 20:26

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