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I want to know the purpose of creating thumbs dynamically? If we have the option in <img> tag to set height and width of the image? I just want to know which one is a good practice?

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Using the height and width attributes of the <img> tag only control the size of the image rendered on a page. If you try to use size and width for a thumbnail for a 4 MB image file, it will still load the 4 MB image. Now if you do that for a whole image gallery, you'll be waiting some time for the page to load. If you use thumbnail images, which are scaled down images based on your original 4 MB image, the page will probably load much faster since the thumbnails will probably only be in the 100's of KB or less.

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oh right, it is a basic concept that should be cleared to me – Muhammed Ahmed Baig Nov 14 '12 at 20:06

Dynamically changing the dimensions of the image reduces the amount of data needed to be transferred to the client, thus reducing server traffic and loading time.

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this is because the user viewing your webpage don't want wait a long time for loading your scaled big size images.

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So that you don't have to download a gigantic picture when you only want to see a small one

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