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In short, I try to build a web service consumer with WCF manually; here is the SOAP response:

<s:Body xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
    <AMethodResponse xmlns="http://v_namespace">

Shortly, below is the related part in my C# code (after that I present the trace results):

[System.ServiceModel.MessageContractAttribute(WrapperName = "AMethodResponse", IsWrapped = true, WrapperNamespace = "http://v_namespace")]
public partial class ReturnObjectWrapper
    private ReturnObject _ReturnObjectHeader;

    [System.ServiceModel.MessageBodyMemberAttribute(Name = "ReturnObjectHeader", Namespace = "http://v_namespace")]
    public ReturnObject ReturnObjectHeader
        get { return _ReturnObjectHeader; }
        set { _ReturnObjectHeader = value; }

[System.ServiceModel.MessageContractAttribute(IsWrapped = false)]
public partial class ReturnObject
    private string _Field5;
    private string _Field3;
    private string _Field4;

    [System.ServiceModel.MessageBodyMemberAttribute(Name = "Field5", Namespace = "http://v_namespace")]
    public string Field5
        get { return _Field5; }
        set { _Field5 = value; }

    [System.ServiceModel.MessageBodyMemberAttribute(Name = "Field3", Namespace = "http://v_namespace")]
    public string Field3
        get { return _Field3; }
        set { _Field3 = value; }

    [System.ServiceModel.MessageBodyMemberAttribute(Name = "Field4", Namespace = "http://v_namespace")]
    public string Field4
        get { return _Field4; }
        set { _Field4 = value; }

And here is the trace result:

Description: An unrecognized element was encountered in the XML during deserialization which was ignored.
Element: http://v_namespace:Field5
NOTE: Same for Field4 and 3

What am I doing wrong?

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Found on this site; adding ServiceBehavior attribute worked for me, i.e.:

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