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I have two projects with almost the same configuration in visual studio 2010 One with the console works and gives no trouble with the statement

SharedAppenderPtr myAppender(new FileAppender("myLogFile.log"));

While the other project a dll project gives trouble with the same statement

SharedAppenderPtr myAppender(new FileAppender("myLogFile.log"));

The error message is:

Error 3 error C2664: 'log4cplus::FileAppender::FileAppender(const log4cplus::tstring &,std::ios_base::openmode,bool)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'const char [10]' to 'const log4cplus::tstring &'

Any suggestions on how I could resolve this issue ?

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Try wrapping the "myLogFile.log" like this: LOG4CPLUS_TEXT("myLogFile.log"). You could also use the _T() macro, since you are on Windows with Visual Studio.

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I don't know what type log4cplus::tstring is but assuming it is a typedef for a type similar to std::basic_string<cT> (possibly even std::basic_string<cT> with a type cT other than char) you might try one of these:

SharedAppenderPtr app1(new FileAppender(L"myLogFile.log"));
std::string name("myLogFile.log");
SharedApppenderPtr app2(new FileAppender(log4cplus::tstring(name.begin(), name.end())));
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