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I'm developing a web server with Poco library. When my server receive a HTTP request with form data in GET mode, I don't know how to use the class HTMLForm to show a list with received pairs param=value.

With request.getURI().getQuery() I am able to get the complete string. I guess I can split the string in the traditional way, using a tokenizer.

Is there a better way to do it using Poco? Thanks

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Ok, class HTMLForm inherits from class NameValueCollection, that implements an iterator useful to move through the pairs "name=value".

This is the code that solve my problem:

string name;
string value;
HTMLForm form( request );

NameValueCollection::ConstIterator i = form.begin();


    cout << name << "=" << value << endl << flush;
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POCO "NameValueCollection" is almost identical to Vettrasoft Z Directory namevalue_set_o class, which is documented here:


which at least provides some sample code. The biggest problem I have with POCO is lack of examples or explanation on how to use it (including the reference manual pages). For Z Directory's name-value set class, the source code equivalent to that above would look like this:

using namespace std;

int i, ie;
namevalue_set_o nv;
string_o s = "FOO=BAR;DATE=\"12/21/2012\";HOST=vertigo;OSTYPE=\"Windows Vista\"";
i = 0;

while (i < nv.size())
  const namevalue_pair_o &item = nv.get(i, &ie);
  if (!ie)
    cout << item.name() << "=" item.value() << endl << flush;
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