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I would like to know if the username, email addresses and profile name of the Meteor.users collection are indexed if not is there a way to index them ?

does it cost much to run regex on this field without them being indexed ?

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a general way to list indexes on a collections is using mongo's getIndexes –  Bogdan D Jan 13 at 16:30

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These are the indexes Meteor currently ensures on the users collection -- from accounts_server.js

Meteor.users._ensureIndex('username', {unique: 1, sparse: 1});
Meteor.users._ensureIndex('emails.address', {unique: 1, sparse: 1});
                        {unique: 1, sparse: 1});
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thanks, i guess i'll have to add my own in the server side for custom profile fields –  mohamed mellouki Nov 16 '12 at 3:27

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