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I'm working on a project based on IVR(Interactive Voice Response). In which registration, modification in DB will take place by dialing a telephone number and following simple steps, like that which is used in telecom help centers to change our tariff or SMS packages etc.

Can I use simple voice modem with C# code with TAPI as back-end to mange all this? Actually, I have "conexant hda d330 mdc v.92 modem". Can I use this to make this type of application...?

If yes, can we handle more than one call on this modem?

If not, what hardware will be required to perform this?

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If you manage to make TAPI work, please show some samples. I struggled by weeks with that and finally decided to handle the modem myself via System.IO using COM ports –  HighCore Nov 14 '12 at 20:45
@HighCore, I'm new to TAPI, I don't know how to refer and use COM Ports within c#, can u plz gave me some sample code? how to talk with modem in c#? -thanks in advance. –  Hassan Mirza Nov 21 '12 at 22:01

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