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I have an app that has the following setup:

URMoviePlayerViewController extends MPMoviePlayerViewController

  • has the method remoteControlReceivedWithEvent:(UIEvent *)event implemented, as well as:

        [super viewDidLoad];    
        [[UIApplication sharedApplication] beginReceivingRemoteControlEvents];
        [self becomeFirstResponder];
    (BOOL) canBecomeFirstResponder
        return YES;

URPlayerViewController has the URMoviePlayerViewController as a property

    @property (nonatomic, strong) URMoviePlayerViewController *player;
  • player is initialized when a call to play a clip of audio is made; if it is already initialized, it does not re-initialize the player

  • URPlayerViewController has a view that is a custom player with play/pause, next/previous controls that is initialized and added to the subview in the viewDidLoad method

URAppDelegate has URPlayerViewController as a property

    @property (nonatomic, strong) URPlayerViewController *playerViewController;
  • playerViewController is initialized in application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions

  • playerViewController's view is added to the window - so that the custom player is visible throughout the app


Everything usually works well. Every now and then on the lock screen the playback controls (play/pause/next/previous) stop working. remoteControlReceivedWithEvent never gets called. I have not been able to reproduce this consistently.

Any advice or ideas on debugging this issue around playback would be great as I am not able to consistently reproduce this issue. Thanks!

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I think you are missing below methods, just add it in your existing code and accept the answer if it will work:

Remove beginReceivingRemoteControlEvents from viewdidload and put it in viewdidAppear:

- (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated {
[super viewDidAppear:animated];
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] beginReceivingRemoteControlEvents];
[self becomeFirstResponder];


- (void)viewWillDisappear:(BOOL)animated {
[super viewWillDisappear:animated];
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] endReceivingRemoteControlEvents];
[self resignFirstResponder];


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I had tried this change earlier (however I used viewDidDisappear instead of viewWillDisappear). Still no luck. I still see the playback controls stop working once in a while. – user1824860 Nov 19 '12 at 19:34

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