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I'm trying to convert an inline function to sym in matlab R2010b but it doesn't work. In matlab 2008 worked well. Here the code:

in = inline('t^2');
syms t real
??? Error using ==> sym.sym>tomupad at 2178
Conversion to 'sym' from 'inline' is not possible.

Error in ==> sym.sym>sym.sym at 111
                S.s = tomupad(x,'');
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2 Answers 2

Instead of inline, you can use an anonymous function via a function handle:

f = @(t) t.^2;
syms t
F = sym(f);

which should give you the same inline functionality/portability.

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in = inline('t^2');
f0 = inline2sym(in);

EDU>> f0


EDU>> syms t
EDU>> diff(f0,t)

ans =

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