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Here is an example string in Chinese:

"最初 , 上帝 创造 了 天地 。 2 大地 混沌 苍茫 , 深渊 的 表面 一 片 黑暗 。 "

How can I split this into an array that looks like this?:

    [0] => 最初 , 上帝 创造 了 天地 。 2 大地 混沌 苍茫 , 深渊 的 表面 一 片 黑暗 。
    [1] => 2 大地 混沌 苍茫 , 深渊 的 表面 一 片 黑暗 。 

I have tried and failed with:

$array = mb_split('。', $string);
echo "<pre>";

I get this:

    [0] => 最初 , 上帝 创造 了 天地 。 2 大地 混沌 苍茫 , 深渊 的 表面 一 片 黑暗 。

p.s. The charset is GB18030.

I found more info. The Chinese period is called a full stop. The html escapes are &#12290; and &#x3002;. The GB18030 hex bytes are a1a3. The Unicode Character is 'IDEOGRAPHIC FULL STOP' (U+3002). How can I use either of these to accomplish my goal?

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Have you set mb_regex_encoding('UTF-8'); and mb_internal_encoding("UTF-8"); prior to mb_split('。', $string);? –  Zak Nov 14 '12 at 21:06
At your suggestion I tried: mb_regex_encoding('UTF-8'); mb_internal_encoding("UTF-8"); and I also tried mb_regex_encoding('gb18030'); mb_internal_encoding("gb18030"); before the mb_split(); –  webmagnets Nov 14 '12 at 21:13
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My reason for needing to do this in gb18030 is that the library I was using (dedesplit) wouldn't work when converted to utf-8. The library is a Chinese word segmenter. I contacted the developer and he informed me of a new one that does work in utf-8 (http://www.itgrass.com/phpanalysis/index.html). I have tested it and it properly explodes the paragraphs with the Chinese period (or 'full stop') as the delimiter.

p.s. Before finding this new library, I had decided to write my own explode function. I think that may have worked, but I did zero testing.

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Try this:

$array = explode(chr(227), $string);


To fix the characters of explode:

foreach($array as $part) {
    echo str_replace(array(chr(128).chr(130)), '', $part);
    echo '<br>';
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Thanks, but no cigar. That gave me this result: Array{[0] => 最初 , 上帝 创造 了 天地 。 2 大地 混 [1] => � 苍茫 , 深渊 的 表面 一 片 黑暗 。} –  webmagnets Nov 14 '12 at 21:30
Unfortunately I have not found anything that can fix this problem in the characters with ´explode´. A NOT perfect solution is to do a str_replace on the characters that are appearing with "?" as the update. –  Fred Wuerges Nov 14 '12 at 22:13
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How about you just try

$array = explode('。', $string);

This worked for me using commandline.

Output: Array ( [0] => 最初 , 上帝 创造 了 天地 [1] => 2 大地 混沌 苍茫 , 深渊 的 表面 一 片 黑暗 [2] =>

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That just gave me: Array ( [0] => 最初 , 上帝 创造 了 天地 2 大地 混沌 苍茫 , 深渊 的 表面 一 片 黑暗 (Could it have to do with the fact that my document is GB18030 encoded? –  webmagnets Nov 14 '12 at 21:43
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