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I have a table 'menu_items_articles' wich are related to 'menu_items' and 'articles'. The 'articles' table has a HABTM relation with 'tags' and 'menu_items'

Now I want to get all the 'articles' with a specific and al its related 'tags'.

If an 'article' has 4 tags the array countains 4 times the article. I want 1 time the Article with all the tags related. And there's only one Tag associated with the article

This is what I have

$this->MenuItemsArticle->recursive = -1;

    $options['joins'] = array(
        array('table' => 'articles_tags',
            'alias' => 'ArticlesTag',
            'type' => 'inner',
            'conditions' => array(
            'ArticlesTag.article_id = MenuItemsArticle.article_id'
        array('table' => 'articles',
            'alias' => 'Article',
            'type' => 'inner',
            'conditions' => array(
            'ArticlesTag.article_id ='
        array('table' => 'tags',
            'alias' => 'Tag',
            'type' => 'inner',
            'conditions' => array(
            'ArticlesTag.tag_id ='

$options['conditions'] = array(
    'MenuItemsArticle.menu_item_id' => $menu_item

$options['fields'] = array('DISTINCT MenuItemsArticle.*',' Article.*','Tag.*');

$this->paginate = $options; 
$result = $this->paginate('MenuItemsArticle');
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It makes it confusing when you say "table", but then list the model name and visa versa. – Dave Nov 14 '12 at 21:40

That's normal for Joins - just add a 'group' option (GROUP BY in MySQL).

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This works but I stil get only one result in the tags array() although the article contains more. – waterschaats Nov 14 '12 at 22:48
Post the mysql query generated. – Dave Nov 14 '12 at 22:52
SELECT 'MenuItemsArticle'.'id', 'Article'.*, 'Tag'.'id' FROM 'database'.'menu_items_articles' AS 'MenuItemsArticle' inner JOIN 'database'.'articles_tags' AS 'ArticlesTag' ON ('ArticlesTag'.'article_id' = 'MenuItemsArticle'.'article_id') inner JOIN 'database'.'articles' AS 'Article' ON ('ArticlesTag'.'article_id' = 'Article'.'id') inner JOIN 'database'.'tags' AS 'Tag' ON ('ArticlesTag'.'tag_id' = 'Tag'.'id') WHERE 'Article'.'content_type' = 'blog' AND 'MenuItemsArticle'.'menu_item_id' = 8 GROUP BY 'Article'.'id' LIMIT 20 – waterschaats Nov 14 '12 at 22:57

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