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my program is in C:\Users\Programs\x.java

X.java is using some files that are in y.jar, z.jar.

y.jar and z.jar are in C:\Users\Programs folder.

(1) C:Users\Programs> javac x.java

(2) C:Users\Programs> javac -classpath y.jar:z.jar x.java

I am not getting any errors when I do (2) but when I do (1) I am getting errors. Isn't that classpath is set to current folder. If so why is it not seeing y.jar and z.jar.

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The classpath includes the current folder.
However, it does not include subfolders of the current folder.

If you try to use com.example.MyClass, Java will look for a file named com/example/MyClass.class directly inside of each folder in the classpath.
It does not look in subfolders or JARs inside of folders in the classpath.

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Contents of a jar residing on the classpath are not automatically added to the classpath itself. A proper classpath in your case would be what you specified in case (2).

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Yes, classpath should indeed be set to the current folder by default. However, setting it to a given folder is not the same as setting it to a specific JAR file.

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