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I want to add a folder containing xaml and cs files plus other directories to a different project on VS. For some reason when I drag the folder from windows explorer to the project where I will like to place that directory visual studio will not let me. Because of that I am manually adding each file and every time I encounter a directory I have to create it. Maybe it is because I am using team foundation server.

Anyways I am adding the files manually so I click on the folder that I want to add the files on visual studio then click on add existing files. Then I select the xaml and code behind file:

enter image description here

when I click add the files get added but visual studio does not recognize that Bytes.xaml.cs is the code behind!

enter image description here

Do I have to manually add a window then copy and paste the contents of the file?

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Edit your .csproj file to add a "DependentUpon" element below your "Compile" element for the .xaml.cs file so that it will appear "inside" the .xaml file not simply below it.:

<Compile Include="BytesDisplay\SubControls\Bytes.xaml.cs">

To easily edit the .csproj file:

Right-click the project and select "Unload Project"
Right-click the project node again and select "Edit [projectname].csproj"
Edit the XML, then close the file
Right-click the project node again and select "Reload Project"
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thanks for the write-up. If you edit the xaml and .cs files class declaration to match without class collisions - then when you add the .xaml file it will pick up the .xaml.cs automatically if it is on the same folder. (vs 2013)

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