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While I know that I can use the UNID of the document to open the document directly from a link referencing Notes, can it be done with the view name and first column value as in the browser?

For example, I could send:

To get to Policy #6 in the Operations Manual via the browser client. I thought that I could send:


To send them to the same place in the Notes client, but it always opens to the default Notes opening setting. Is there a form, database or server setting that I have wrong? Or am I mis-remembering how NotesURLs work? Can you only use the NotesURL in LotusScript?

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The Notes URL syntax is


You can omit the documentuniqueID and just include the viewID, but you can't specify a row, or jump to a certain row based on its value in a column.

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You need the OpenDocumentByKey parameter to do that, but unfortunately that only works in a web browser, not in the client - so this won't work :-(


Alternatively, you can write a bit of LotusScript or formula to find the UNID of the document, and then use that. For example:

docUNID: = @DbLookup("":"" ; "":"" ; "Policy"; policyNumber; 1; [RETURNDOCUMENTUNIQUEID]);
"Notes://" + docUNID
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Actually, in the browser, you don't need the OpenDocumentByKey. It works without it. – David Navarre Nov 15 '12 at 16:34
I ended up created a column with @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) as the formula and using the DbLookup to find that value to provide a computed URL in a hotspot on a page. Works like a charm. Thanks for guiding me toward that, Phil! – David Navarre Nov 16 '12 at 22:38
You're welcome, David. And thanks for letting me know about not needing OpenDocumentByKey. All my development is for client, so it's not my area of expertise! – Phil M Jones Nov 19 '12 at 15:40

Here you can find the notes-url documentation in the Lotus Notes & Domino wiki from IBM:

As far as I know the view can either be specified by UNID or NoteID.

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The easiest way to (manually) generate a Notes:// URL is to get a document- or view- or application-link selecting one of those things in the Notes client, and choosing Edit → Copy As → ..., and then pasting the link into a Sametime chat session. Instead of the icon link you'd get if you pasted it into (e.g.) a Notes e-mail message, you get a URL.

If you need to generate the URL programmatically, doing it manually first the way I describe gives you the structure as a starting point.

Also (potentially) useful is pasting the link into a text editor, as it describes the structure for you in XML (or at least an XML-like format).

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This works for me using LN 8.5

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