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I'm using Excel 2010 and I have ran into a bizarre issue that I wish to resolve using a macro.

I have a Pivot Table which pulls in data from a data source contained within a separate data sheet. This Pivot Table will ultimately be shared with other people.

After creating the pivot table, I delete the worksheet to the raw data isn't visible. Ultimately, I want to create a locked down view of what is contained in the pivot table, i.e. I don't want to allow the user to see all the fields and their values after the table has been created (such as address etc).


if I have the following dataset

ID  First Name  Last Name   Street            Salary
1   George  Bush            The Street        100
2   Peter   Sellers         2 The Close       200
3   Paul    Scholes         3 The Ness        400
4   David   Cameron         4 The Avenue      300
5   Robert  Redford         5 The Yard        250

And I create Pivot Table then delete the data sheet, it will still allow the end user to manipulate all columns within the pivot table. I would like to hide certain fields based on the type of end user, for the sake of simplicity, just the Street field. How can I remove this value from the list of fields (using macro) that are able to be used within the pivot table?

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