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How would one do this in Drupal 7? I want to add a few small style edits to the way the PDF outputs. I am using TCPDF. I read somewhere that its not posible with TCPDF, but other sources say it is. Should I be switching to dompdf? I've read the documentation but just can't seem to understand which file generates the PDF.

I have the module successfully generating a PDF from a View, so this is the last step in moving on with this project.

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For anytime you want to style PDFs use DOMPDF, it will be less painful. Then style your pdf using print.css in the sites/ folder.

You can also copy the print.tpl.php file from the module's folder and paste it in sites/ to choose exactly what you want to display in your pdf.

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I got something working with wkhtmltopdf which I believe will let me adjust the template layout and CSS... although I haven't tried to adjust them yet. I will need to soon though. Do you think DOMPDF is a better solution? I'm totally willing to use whatever is the most effective and clean solution. – jhoffmcd Feb 14 '14 at 18:22
With wkhtmltopdf it is very WYSISYG brought to you by Google. So it will print exactly what you have on the screen with print/. Google Chrome uses this to print its pages. I have never used it though so I cannot speak for it.But DOMPDF is just as good and very configurable. Its all upto you and how much you want to experiment/learn. – codehitman Feb 14 '14 at 18:27

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