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I am having issues specifying quote literals in JavaScript. How do I create a string that will be equivalent to the following?

<li><a onclick="goSomePlace('SomeName')">SomeName</a></li>
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Whenever you use the same quotation marks in a string that you use to delimit the literal, you have to escape them with \. –  Felix Kling Nov 14 '12 at 22:05
"concatenation" is actually when you join two strings together, unrelated to the question. –  Wesley Murch Nov 14 '12 at 22:08

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This should work for you: (escaped single quotes in function param)

var string = '<li><a onclick="goSomePlace(\'SomeName\')">SomeName</a></li>';
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You must use escapes:

var str = "<li><a onclick=\"goSomePlace('SomeName')\">SomeName</a></li>";


var str = '<li><a onclick="goSomePlace(\'SomeName\')">SomeName</a></li>";

strings in javascript can be surrounded either by " or '. When using the same character as the character used to surround the string, you must escape it with \

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var foo = "<li><a onclick=\"goSomePlace('SomeName')\">SomeName</a></li>";
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You should escape with "\",

var s = "<li><a onclick="goSomePlace(\'SomeName\')">SomeName</a></li>';
var s = "<li><a onclick='goSomePlace(\"SomeName\")'>SomeName</a></li>";
var s = '<li><a onclick=\'goSomePlace("SomeName")\'>SomeName</a></li>';
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