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I have a Panel of data and I want to slice the cude of data to plot it.

Eg. A slice on the minor dimension. The data is

<class 'pandas.core.panel.Panel'>
Dimensions: 71 (items) x 192 (major) x 19 (minor)
Items: gain to gain_delta
Major axis: AFG to ZWE
Minor axis: ISO3 to 2011

So If I want to plot this slice:



<bound method Panel.to_frame of <class 'pandas.core.panel.Panel'>
Dimensions: 1 (items) x 1 (major) x 17 (minor)
Items: gain to gain
Major axis: ESP to ESP
Minor axis: 1995 to 2011>

but these all give errors:





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I don't think that you can plot a panel.

To extract the Series (and plot) from the panel you can use ix with the following syntax:

scores.ix['gain', 'ESP', 2:21].plot()
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