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I am using rails 3.0.14, and I am constructing routes.rb using the resourceful style. I'd like to have a wildcard route that catches all requests that do not match to any route stated.

What's the appropriate way to construct such a route?

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match '*path' => 'your_controller#your_action'

at the end of the routes.rb file. This is important, since the routes are stepped through top down.

See also http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html -> 3.10

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For Rail 4, you need to specify the request type:

match "*path", to: "application#custom_action", via: :all

As others have said, put this at the very bottom of your routes file.

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Rails 4 catch-all that redirects to root match "*path", to: redirect('/'), via: :all –  Epigene Jan 14 at 13:24

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