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I have a script that will display the json results of a youtube search. The following url will not sort though it does return the results provided I put in a username into username.


This doesn't seem to sort. And also it doesn't seem to be able to search by keywords if I append &q=dogs

Is it possible to search for username plus keywords and sort it afterwards?

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I found this gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?author=username&alt=json-in-script. But if I add q= it no longer searches. Is there something about json-in-script that prevents using q=? – techdog Nov 15 '12 at 2:45

Here is the URL you need:


Click here to view the output

Parameters used:

author In a search request, the author parameter restricts the search to videos uploaded by a particular YouTube user.

q The q parameter specifies a search query term.

orderby The orderby parameter, which is supported for video feeds and playlist feeds, specifies the method that will be used to order entries in the API response.

The complete documentation is available here, you should refer it for additional parameters, possible values and behavior.

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instead of using q=something
I used search_query=something
q apparently searches for the exact match

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