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I use FormatTime command to make timestamps for my notebook notes and the formula that I generally use looks like this:

FormatTime, ExecutorTimeStamp,, h:mm tt, %A_DDD%. dd-MM-yyyy
SendInput |%ExecutorTimeStamp%| (1)| (2)| (3)| (4)|-`r{Left 21}

It is supposed to give an outcome like this:

|1:24 PM, Wed. 14-11-2012| (1)| (2)| (3)| (4)|-

but instead I get something like this:

|1:24 PM, We14. 14-11-2012| (1)| (2)| (3)| (4)|-

Same happens with other days of the week as well. Some more examples of such messed up results are:

We14, We7, SaP, We10, 10on, T2u, T4u

Why is this happening and how can it be fixed?

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Try something like this:

FormatTime, ExecutorTimeStamp,, h:mm tt, ddd dd-MM-yyyy
SendInput %ExecutorTimeStamp%


6:41 PM, Wed 14-11-2012
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Thanks, it seems to work. Any idea why it was giving that particular kind of mistakes? –  Imfego Nov 15 '12 at 13:24
Thanks. And sorry, I derped a little there with the answer. It’s done. : ) –  Imfego Nov 17 '12 at 21:54

Why is this happening

The parameter called 'format' expects certain key letters -or- a few special key words to represent parts of a date/time.

%A_DDD% is interpreted as the name of one the days of the week, Sunday ... Saturday The letters from whatever name are interpreted as more key letters.

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