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I have a matrix which is 256x938. I need to go through each individual element, see if it is in the range -pi < element < pi, if it is not then we need to subtract or add a multiple of 2*pi to get the element in the range. Preferrably without for loops as we have found that they are very inefficient.

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Actually, 256x938 is not "very large" by any stretch of the imagination. –  user85109 Nov 15 '12 at 0:49

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Not unlike the other solutions posed, but a bit cleaner since it requires only one simple line of code...

B = mod(A+pi,2*pi) - pi;

A = -20:2:20;
mod(A+pi,2*pi) - pi
ans =
  Columns 1 through 12
 -1.1504  0.84956 2.8496 -1.4336  0.56637 2.5664 -1.7168  0.28319 2.2832   -2   0  2

  Columns 13 through 21
 -2.2832 -0.28319 1.7168 -2.5664 -0.56637 1.4336 -2.8496 -0.84956 1.1504
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Very neat, but I'm afraid this fails with numbers more than 2*pi less than -pi. For example, set A = -20. This solution yields B = -7.4336, which is most definitely not in the range -pi < B < pi. –  Colin T Bowers Nov 15 '12 at 2:18
@ColinTBowers - Trivially fixed. –  user85109 Nov 15 '12 at 3:36

Is this what you want?


Every element b in B is now -pi <= b <= pi.

It can not become -pi < b < pi as asked for in the question.

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I don't think this is quite general enough. It will fail if an element is more than 2*pi from the required range. The OP stated that you may need to subtract or add a multiple of 2*pi. –  Colin T Bowers Nov 15 '12 at 0:17

I don't have Matlab at hand right now, so my suggestion might not work, but I hope the idea will.

Try something along this way:

c = cos(B); % will set all your elements between [-1 1]
B2 = acos(c);  % will return values between [0 PI] but for some the sign will be wrong
B2 = B2.*sign(sin(B)); % should set the correct sign for each element.

Hope this works.

I could have condensed all three lines to 1, but I tried to make the idea as clear as possible.

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for values equal to PI the last line will zero the result, but if you check for c==-1 you could make a final correction for those values by setting them to PI in B2. –  R. Schifini Nov 15 '12 at 3:32

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