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i have some problem with my VPS.

We are using a VPS to run our CMS and our websites, for now we have 300MB memory limit, and now we are close to reach the limit.

To maintain low cost(i know, increase memory is not to much expensive), but if i find a solution to optimize what we have, will be better.

What can i do?


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I don't know what is funny... i only want to know if someone have optimized her VPS in some way to use less memory. –  DigitalDaigor Nov 14 '12 at 23:59

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I would suggest to increase memory - more memory, faster website :-) But if speed is not important, reduce all cache sizes, set php memory_limit to 8M, disable opcode caching (APC, eAccelerator) or try Raspberry Pi as server, now comes with 512MB :-)

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I would look at Nginx like concerto49 recommended, if you have just one website on it also consider Litespeed (www.litespeedtech.com) they have a free version which may be sufficient to power your site.

If its PHP based, then strip out everything you're not using. Use APC/XCache to processing every request. Nginx also has a caching module, that could help so you can avoid hitting PHP for every request if its still fresh.

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What type of VPS is it? OpenVZ? Xen? KVM? If it is OpenVZ does it have VSwap or Burst memory?

What type of CMS / Website are you running? Is it PHP based? Are you using Apache? If so have you tried nginx? I would look at optimizing the web server component and removing unused processes/applications to reduce memory and increase performance.

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This should probably be a comment rather than an answer –  JRideout Nov 16 '12 at 2:01

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