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I'm trying to insert into a dictionary certain values from the Streaming API. One of these is the value of the term that is used in the filter method using track=keyword. I've written some code but on the print statement I get an "Encountered Exception: 'term'" error. This is my partial code:

 for term in setTerms:
     a = re.compile(term, re.IGNORECASE)
     if, status.text):
         message['term'] = term

      print message['text'], message['term']

This is the filter code:

setTerms = ['BBC','XFactor','Obama']
streamer.filter(track = setTerms)

It matches the string, but I also need to be able to match all instances eg. BBC should also match with #BBC, @BBC or BBC1 etc.

So my question how would i get a term in setTerms eg BBC to match all these instances in if, status.text)?


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So to put it simple, you just want to match the instances which CONTAIN the substrings of your setTerm list ? Maybe simply use the in operator… ? Or did I miss something ? – user740316 Nov 15 '12 at 7:11

Have you tried putting all your search terms into a single expression?

i.e. setTerms = '(BBC)|(XFactor)|(Obama)', then seeing if it matches the whole piece string (not just individual word?

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