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I have a number of observations that is a count of a certain event occurring for a given user. For example

        login_count logout_count
user1            5            2
user2           20           10
user3           34            5

I would like to feed in these variables along along with a number of other ones to PCA, just wondering if I should work with counts directly (and scale the columns) or work with percentage (and scale the columns after) e.g

       login_count logout_count
user1         0.71         0.28
user2         0.66         0.33
user3         0.87         0.13

which one would be a better way of representing the data?


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Depends on the information you want to extract from the data.

If the correlation login=p*logout then I would go with the first one. The other one is a little bit weird since you should be doing a login 100% of the time (how wold you else know it's user1?) and a logout perhaps 28%. And also you have the dependency 1-login_procent_i=logout_procent_i which will give you a perfect correlation before and after the preprocessing.

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thanks, for the suggestion. –  jamborta Nov 20 '12 at 17:45

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