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I am trying to create a software in that can read autocad files and get the dimensions out of it. How can i do that. If anyone can help me it will be very helpful and will really appreciate them. Thank you

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Hi, are you looking to automate or otherwise communicate with an instance of AutoCAD or are you looking for something which is going to work stand-alone (which does not require AutoCAD to be installed on the machine)? – Richard Sep 9 '09 at 10:19

Here's the AutoCAD .Net developer's API Guide:'s%20Guide/index.html

Here's a link to their developer center:

Here's a couple of forums for developer's using the .Net API's:

Here's a blog entry from someone suggesting how to get started (second to last paragraph):

Here's a video from AutoCAD University on the API:

Here's another blog entry with hints on how to get started:

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Thanks for your answer Mr. Klabranche. But i dint get the codes for the same. I am searching for a sample codes for the same. If you can help me it will be very helpful and i will be very thankful to you – aasishcb Aug 27 '09 at 5:27

You can fine the getting started tutorials and respective code for AutoCAD.Net at following link:

AutoCAD.Net Tutorials & Sample Code

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