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need to uppercase the content of a meta tag, the site has over 75 files, and i would really like to do it manually. Tried used simple_html_dom, but can't find the way to do it.... Any hint?

This is an example of the tag:

<meta name="description" content="Aproveche nuestras ofertas y sea el primero en alcanzar nuestro objetivo de promociones !!!!!" />

And this is what i've been trying to do, but can't think on how to resolve it:

$scraptedText =  file_get_html('../index.html'); 
$change = split('<meta name="description"', $scraptedText);
$change = split(' />',  $change[1]);
$change = $change[0];
$change = strtoupper($change);


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Check out preg_replace_callback:

function matchToUpper($matches) {
    return str_replace($matches[1], strtoupper($matches[1]), $matches[0]);
$scraptedText = preg_replace_callback('%<meta name="description" content="(.*?)" />%', 'matchToUpper', $scraptedText);
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With jQuery you can do something like this:

var meta = $('meta').attr('content');
$('meta').attr('content', meta.toUpperCase());
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Oh I see now; you want a solution with PHP; sorry my bad... – salih0vicX Nov 15 '12 at 0:44

Sry, for that counter question:

But why making description uppercased?

Some (big) searchengines can suspend you from their services in case of "shouting". (Or do you have seen one site @ google doing this (uppercased shouting)? Or did I misunderstood?

Otherwise a helper method can solve your problem (I worked with the Zend Framework and used their View_Helper:

It's free and can implemented with an include)

Hope this helps

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