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In python I try create a service that maintain calling event between SflPhone(dbus service) and external app, when I start SimpleXMLRPCServer my service no longer response for any calling event, such as on_call_state_changed function was not called.

When I comment out thread.start_new_thread(start_server(s,)) everything is work well. I don't know how to make this two thing work together. Does one can help? Thank.

import dbus
from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop
import gobject
from gobject import GObject
from SimpleXMLRPCServer import SimpleXMLRPCServer
import thread
from os import path

class SlfPhoneConnector :

    def __init__(self) :

    	self.activeCalls = {}

    	account = {
    		"username" : "1111", 
    		"Account.type" : "SIP", 
    		"hostname" : "", 
    		"Account.alias" : "1111", 
    		"Account.enable" : "TRUE"

    	session = dbus.SessionBus()

    	conf_obj = session.get_object("org.sflphone.SFLphone", "/org/sflphone/SFLphone/ConfigurationManager")  
    	self.conf_mgr = dbus.Interface(conf_obj ,"org.sflphone.SFLphone.ConfigurationManager")

    	call_obj = session.get_object("org.sflphone.SFLphone", "/org/sflphone/SFLphone/CallManager")  
    	self.call_mgr = dbus.Interface(call_obj ,"org.sflphone.SFLphone.CallManager")

    	self.call_mgr.connect_to_signal('incomingCall', self.on_incoming_call)
    	self.call_mgr.connect_to_signal('callStateChanged', self.on_call_state_changed)

    	self.account_id = self.conf_mgr.addAccount(account)

    	self.conf_mgr.sendRegister(self.account_id, 1)			 

    	#self.call_mgr.placeCall(self.account_id, self.account_id, "2222" )	 

    def on_incoming_call(self, account, callid, to):
    	print "Incoming call: " + account + ", " + callid + ", " + to
    	self.activeCalls[callid] = {'Account': account, 'To': to, 'State': '' }   


    # On call state changed event, set the values for new calls, 
    # or delete the call from the list of active calls
    def on_call_state_changed(self, callid, state):
    	print "Call state changed: " + callid + ", " + state
    	if state == "HUNGUP":
    			del self.activeCalls[callid]
    		except KeyError:
    			print "Call " + callid + " didn't exist. Cannot delete."

    	elif state in [ "RINGING", "CURRENT", "INCOMING", "HOLD" ]:
    			self.activeCalls[callid]['State'] = state 
    		except KeyError, e:
    			print "This call didn't exist!: " + callid + ". Adding it to the list."
    			callDetails = self.getCallDetails(callid)
    			self.activeCalls[callid] = {'Account': callDetails['ACCOUNTID'], 'To': callDetails['PEER_NUMBER'], 'State': state }
    	elif state in [ "BUSY", "FAILURE" ]:
    			del self.activeCalls[callid]
    		except KeyError, e:
    			print "This call didn't exist!: " + callid   

    def getCallDetails(self, callid):
    	"""Return informations on this call if exists"""
    	return self.call_mgr.getCallDetails(callid)

    def place_call(self, callid):
    	self.call_mgr.placeCall(self.account_id, self.account_id, callid)

    def hangup(self) :
    	call0 = self.activeCalls.keys()[0]

def start_server(obj):
    server = SimpleXMLRPCServer( ("localhost", 9988), allow_none= True)

    print "server start @localhost 9988 forever ..."

if __name__ == "__main__" :

    s  = SlfPhoneConnector()


    ... {{ another code here }}

    #loop = gobject.MainLoop()
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Try adding after ifmain trick:

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Add above code, Can't solve –  Pitch Rock Aug 27 '09 at 7:08
use threading.Thread is OK –  Pitch Rock Aug 31 '09 at 8:04

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