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I have created a special class of UIView that has certain properties, and I did so programmatically because it is usually blank but will at times contain other views. I know that if I create a UIView programmatically I can do something like [specialView addSubview: aView];

My problem is that there is a UIView that I created in storyboard and I need to add that UIView as a subview on my special view. I have connected it as a property in my ViewController but when I do the same code as above, nothing happens. Thoughts?

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MyViewController *myViewController = [self.storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@"MyScene"]; 
[specialView addSubView:myViewController.theViewToAdd]; 

And don't forget to give such an identifier to your scene (view controller) in Interface Builder.

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That UIViewController which houses the view you want may not be instantiated. So you would need to instantiate that controller and grab the view from there.

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